Reuters publishes article expected for years by bitcoin fans

To set the date some investors suggested that the story be recorded on the blockchain of bitcoin, as well as the news that Satoshi himself recorded on the genesis block.

Among the many recent changes in bitcoin (mainly in relation to price) we have a general currency paradigm, something that gradually becomes more evident with digital currency reaching „targets“ that take investors by surprise. One of these goals was a call from Reuters, not only highlighting the Crypto Profit rise but also drawing attention to the dollar’s downturn in recent months. This is a story that many in the community have classified as „something unique“.

The article with the title „Dollar plummets with the possibility of new aid; Bitcoin reaches historical value“ was published by Reuters in a very iconic moment for the Bitcoin ecosystem, exactly for this reason the attention of many specialists is back to the publication.

Dan Held, Director of Business Development at Kraken, a famous investor and entrepreneur of cryptomarket, was one of those who noted this important article.

„I certainly didn’t expect to see a headline like this on a mainstream website“.

But why is this so important? Well, this is an important change in the general bitcoin paradigm because of the relevance of a vehicle like Reuters talking about bitcoin, mainly because the site was not so enthusiastic about cryptomorphs, having even made some not very positive articles about cryptoactives.

With bitcoin increasingly consolidating and „bathing“ the dollar, many had to change their position on cryptomeda. Recently Reuters even launched an article speculating on the possibilities of the world’s largest cryptomeda to be worth US$ 100,000 by the end of 2021 and how the current high is different from what happened in 2017.

„The Headline of the Future“, community reacts

For many who support bitcoin this is just one of the signs of an expected future, when matters like this, about „bitcoin going better than the dollar“, will become something common.

Erik Vorhees, Shapeshift’s CEO, said:

„It looks like a 2024 headline…but I think we should expect this to be not just one piece of news, but several in the coming years“.

Some bitcoiners compared the Reuters headline to The Times article embedded in the bitcoin genesis block, „Chancellor is on the verge of a new bank rescue,“ noting the importance of the changes that have occurred since then.

Similar comments were made on Reddit, with one user adding that „It’s practically a forecast for the next few years“.

To mark the date some investors also suggested that the story be recorded in the blockchain of bitcoin, as well as the news that Satoshi himself put in the genesis block of the currency.