Impressive Growth of InQubeta & EOS Shocks Top Crypto Analysts

The Impressive Growth of InQubeta and EOS

• InQubeta (QUBE) has attracted a significant number of investors with its fractional investment model in AI start-ups.
• EOS is known for its scalable and decentralized ecosystem, allowing developers to build dApps with high transaction throughput and low fees.
• Both projects have surprised industry experts, leading to increased speculation and interest in these cryptocurrencies.

InQubeta: A Game-Changer in the AI Industry

InQubeta has positioned itself as a game-changer in the AI industry, offering a fractional investment model in AI start-ups through its innovative platform. The presale has witnessed astounding growth, attracting a significant number of investors who recognize the potential of AI-driven technologies. This success can be attributed to a groundbreaking concept where investment opportunities are minted into NFTs, and available on purchase of $QUBE tokens.The native asset of the ecosystem is deflationary, where 2% of each transaction is sent to a burn wallet, while 5% is added to the reward pool. This does not only ensure increasing demand but also additional rewards for those who stake their tokens. With each stage of the presale, the value of QUBE will go higher, as smart investors look to get in early. A recent audit conducted by Hacken has further strengthened the case!Visit InQubeta Presale

EOS: A Powerhouse in The Blockchain Space

EOS has established itself as a powerhouse in the blockchain space, known for its scalable and decentralized ecosystem. The recent performance of EOS has caught the attention of top crypto analysts, who are impressed by its robust network and wide range of applications. EOS offers developers a platform to build decentralized applications (dApps) with high transaction throughput and low fees, making it an attractive choice for users looking for reliable blockchain solutions that offer speed and scalability without sacrificing security or privacy features.

Increased Speculation & Interest from Crypto Analysts

The remarkable success of InQubeta’s presale and impressive performance from EOS have both generated considerable excitement among top crypto analysts. This increased speculation and interest signals that these projects are gaining traction within the crypto community due to their potential for substantial gains despite market conditions being bearish overall.


In conclusion, both InQubeta (QUBE) presales and EOS continue to attract attention from crypto enthusiasts due to their outstanding performance despite market conditions being bearish overall. With groundbreaking concepts like fractional investments minted into NFTs offered by InQubeta paired with great scalability benefits offered by EOS – it’s no wonder why these projects have gained such momentum within such short periods time!