Bitcoin Struggles to Maintain $25K as Ankr and Orbeon Soar

Bitcoin (BTC) Struggles to Maintain Momentum At $25,000

• Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, has been struggling to maintain its momentum at the $25,000 price point.
• Ankr (ANKR) has gained momentum and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) continues to pump during presale with tokens priced at $0.0835 in Phase 9.
• Bitcoin (BTC) pumped to a high of more than $60,000 earlier this year but is currently hovering around the $25,000 mark.

Ankr (ANKR)

Ankr (ANKR) is an innovative Web3 infrastructure platform that provides developers with powerful tools and resources to create decentralized applications (dApps). It offers a suite of decentralized services for DeFi, gaming, eCommerce and more — making Ankr an all-inclusive infrastructure platform. To further highlight its commitment to blockchain technology, Ankr recently announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft for node hosting services. The price of ANKR has risen from $0.015 at the start of 2023 to a current price of $0.3513 — indicating strong potential for Web3 platforms like Ankr in the future.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is widely recognized as the first decentralized digital currency which ushered in the blockchain revolution that we see today. Despite its success over time, Bitcoin hasn’t had a smooth ride and tends to experience wild fluctuations in prices due to market volatility. Earlier this year it shot up to a high of more than $60,000 but is now hovering around the $25,000 mark again after months of decline.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol is another emerging project that has been gaining traction lately due to its presale event with new token prices set at $0.0835 during phase 9. This marks an increase from previous phases and suggests strong potential for Orbeon Protocol going forward as it looks to become one of the most comprehensive Web3 protocols available on the market today.


In conclusion, Bitcoin may be struggling right now but other projects such as Ankr and Orbeon Protocol are rising up fast and proving their worth in terms of innovative blockchain solutions and impressive gains in value lately — suggesting that there are plenty of opportunities out there for investors looking for long-term growth potential in 2021 and beyond!