Become a Crypto Property Millionaire with Everlodge, Mantle, and CRO

  • Everlodge is a holiday and property solution that tokenizes real-world assets (RWA) and sells fractions of properties via their marketplace.
  • Mantle is a layer 2 blockchain, governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which uses its native token, MNT.
  • Cronos‘ centralized exchange allows access to the Pendle token.

Everlodge: Tokenizing Real-World Assets

Everlodge will use tokenization and NFTs to fractionalize hotel and vacation home ownership. They then will sell fractions of properties via their marketplace. This means users can buy a stake in a hotel or property for as little as $100. If the property price rises, the NFT rises in value accordingly. $EDLG, the native token, is in presale. The coin allows the holder’s timeshare stays in luxury hotels and properties or the ability for people to rent out their stays on airbnb. Token holders will also get discounts on the property NFTs and maintenance fees. There is also the ability to stake EDLG, receive passive income, and secure the ecosystem. The team underwent KYC verification and conducted an audit on the smart contract. Locking the liquidity pool for 8 years demonstrates a commitment to the project. Analysts predict that the price of ELDG will increase by approximately 280% during the presale and is about to experience a 30x rally on the day of launch.

Mantle: Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Mantle, a layer 2 blockchain, is under the management of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that originated from BitDAO, an initiative led by ByBit, a CEX. Its primary mission is to support and empower builders in the cryptocurrency domain Noteworthy investors like Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital, and Animoca Brands are backing this project.. The DAO governs its decision-making process using its new native token MNT which also serves as gas token for transactions within mantle network .

Cronos Exchange : Accessing Pendle Tokens

Cronos’ centralized exchange Crypto com allows access to Pendle tokens .The platform offers high performance ,low latency trading along with different features such as margin trading ,spot trading ,derivatives etc .It provides users with both fiat currency pairs like USDT ,USDC ,stable coins etc along with crypto crypto pairs like BTC ETH XRP BNB etc .

Join Everlodge Presale & Win Luxury Holiday

Join Everlodge presale & win luxury holiday from Maldives .The presale has already begun & it includes discounts on propety nfts maintenance fees & more incentives related to ever lodge coins .

< h2 >Analysts Prediction Analysts predict that price of ELDG will increase by approxiamately 280 % during pre sale & it has potential for 30 x rally on day launch .