5 Altcoins Set to Breakout: Spot the Bullish Signs This Weekend

• Bitcoin’s consolidation range is providing a chance for some of the altcoins to breakout and thrive.
• Litecoin, Curve DAO, Cardano, Lido DAO, and XRP are the top 5 altcoins that may go through a bullish breakout this weekend.
• Each of these altcoins have their own unique features that could help it increase its value over the coming days.

Altcoins Ready To Undergo Bullish Breakout

As Bitcoin continues to consolidate within a very narrow range, some of the altcoins appear to be ready to undergo a bullish breakout this weekend. These top 5 altcoins include Litecoin (LTC), Curve DAO (CRV), Cardano (ADA), Lido DAO (LDO) and XRP.


Litecoin has seen a 35% surge in March which has formed a flagpole indicating bullishness for the cryptocurrency. A successful breakout could see an additional 35% jump to reach $125 in price. Currently, it is trading within a symmetrical pennant formation which could indicate further growth if the pattern continues.

Curve DAO

The start of April facilitated a 17% jump in Curve DAOs price which signalled an upswing in prices. The platform has achieved $32.9 billion in swaps on Ethereum during Q1 2023 trade and is currently coiling up in a tight consolidation pattern after bouncing from $0.892 with potential for reaching $1.173 if there is a successful bullish break out from this pattern..


Cardano’s Total Value Locked (TVL) appears likely to experience massive growth due to its unique proof-of-stake model which enables developers to build powerful dApps that may attract more TVL onto the platform. Additionally, its thriving community comprising developers, investors and enthusiasts may also play an important role in boosting Cardano’s TVL over time as well as aiding its potential rise in prices this weekend as it looks set for its Shanghai upgrade soon..

Lido DAO

With Ethereum closer than ever before with accomplishing its Shanghai Upgrade there may be up to 30% jump expected in LDO prices as buyers seem more keen on buying rumours and speculations surrounding the coin’s potential success rather than selling them off right away.. The RSI and Awesome Oscillator both suggest buyers are leading the market with potential for further gains should they successfully break out from their current consolidations patterns over this weekend or early next week..


XRP remains one of crypto’s most popular coins despite several lawsuits levied against Ripple Labs by US authorities regarding XRP being classified as security or not . Despite all this , XRP remains one of crypto’s most popular coins and should benefit from any general positive news regarding cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology . This could serve as fuel for any bull run related activity over this coming weekend .