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Crypto Market Bullish? Is Feb Close an Indication of Bull Run?

Posted on 28. Februar 2023 in Allgemein

• The crypto market is approaching yet another monthly close, which is largely expected to be bullish.
• Historically, February has been a positive month for the crypto markets with an average gain of 187.83% since 2011 with an average of 12.52% per year.
• However, March has historically been bearish and a bearish close in February could fuel the bear market sentiments.

Crypto Markets Live: Is a Bullish February Close An Indication of the Start of a Bull Run?

Positive Price Action in February

The crypto market is approaching yet another monthly close, which is largely expected to be bullish. The month of February has recorded significant gains despite the trend of the previous month, potentially indicating that the crypto markets may have moved beyond its bearish captivity. Looking at historical price action from 2011 onwards, it can be seen that on average, February brings in an average gain of 187.83%, equating to approximately 12.52% per year. Excluding 2018’s deep bear market where heavy losses were witnessed within the first few weeks, most years saw substantial profits throughout December and January for the rest of the year into 2021’s bull run. Unfortunately though March has historically been bearish and this could spark fear into investors if February ultimately closes with a negative return on investment (ROI).

Potential Impact on Crypto Markets

If we analyze what happened during last year’s Q2 period compared to this current one then we may get some clarity as to how this will affect prices over time – 2020 saw huge gains compared to 2021’s 2.12%. Because April typically follows suit after March (in terms of either positive or negative returns) it would be beneficial if prices remain strong until at least February’s close so that we have more chance at generating higher returns moving forward into Q2 2021 and beyond .

Historical Trends Show Bitcoin Prices are Becoming Unpredictable

It’s clear that Bitcoin prices are becoming increasingly unpredictable day by day as price movements can seemingly show no correlation between one another over short periods – this makes predicting which direction future prices may take incredibly difficult . Additionally , March has been traditionally bearish over recent years and if February ends negatively then this could heavily influence investor sentiment going forward potentiality leading us back down into a deeper bear market .


The conclusion drawn from this article is that although February appears set to end positively , there is still much uncertainty surrounding whether or not this bullish trend will continue into April , May , June etc . If history repeats itself then we will likely see further downward pressure in coming months should investors become too cautious when investing their funds . It will ultimately depend on how long these current gains can sustain themselves before they begin to fizzle out again – only time shall tell !

Key Takeaways From This Article:

• The historic data suggests that on average , Febuaray brings in an average gain of 187 % since 2011 with an average ROI of 12 % annually excluding 2018’s deep Bear Market . • March has traditionally been bearish for many years , so if cryptocurrency prices do not remain strong until Feburary’s close then there could be more chances for downside movement moving forward into Q2 2021 . • Bitcoin prices are becoming increasingly unpredictable making predicting future price movements very difficult however careful analysis & monitoring can help better understand these trends thus helping investors make more informed decisions when investing their funds .

SEC Charges Terra and Founder Do Kwon: Delayed Action Sparks Controversy

Posted on 19. Februar 2023 in Allgemein

SEC Charges Terra and Founder Do Kwon

• The US Securities and Exchange Commission recently filed charges against Terra and its founder, Do Kwon.
• This has sparked controversy due to the delayed timing of the prosecution as it took close to a year for them to take action.
• Do Kwon has been in hiding for several months as authorities froze hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto that allegedly belonged to him.

Delayed Action Sparks Controversy

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent filing of charges against Terra and its founder, Do Kwon, has surprised many in the cryptocurrency world due to its delayed timing. The SEC had been actively cracking down on crypto-related businesses for months yet it took close to a year for them to prosecute Kwon and his company. The delay is particularly puzzling given that Terra’s collapse caused millions of investors to lose their money and sparked a severe bear market that led to the failure of other cryptocurrency companies.

Crypto influencer Bitboy Crypto has highlighted the suspicious timing of the prosecution. Additionally, the fact that the case only focuses on half of the wrongdoing raises concerns among those who expected the SEC to hold Terra accountable for all its actions.

Kwon in Hiding

Meanwhile, Kwon has been in hiding for several months as authorities froze hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto that allegedly belonged to him. Kwon claims that the funds are not his and that he has no idea what they are talking about. Despite rumors that he is on the run, Kwon has categorically denied them.

Before Terra’s downfall, Kwon was well-known in the crypto world and regarded as a folk hero due to his sharp mind and charming personality. However, he was also criticized for his arrogance and tendency to mock his peers and those he considered „poor.“

Searching For Kwan In Serbia

In light of these recent charges, officials from Korea are now searching for Kwan in Serbia . The crypto community continues monitoring this situation closely while questioning why SEC took so long with prosecuting this case even though it had already been actively cracking down on similar cases before this one arose .


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What’s Next for FTM, GRT & FET Price? Here’s the Analysis

Posted on 13. Februar 2023 in Allgemein


  • Cryptocurrency expert Michael van de Poppe has made predictions for Fetch.ai (FET), The Graph, and Fantom (FTM).
  • Van de Poppe believes that Fantom could go as low as $0.33 before rising 50%. The Graph could increase up to $0.21 if it surpasses $0.17.
  • For Fetch.ai, Van de Poppe asserts that it might enter a correction down to a low of $0.20 or advance all the way to $0.90.

Fantom Price Prediction

Cryptocurrency expert Michael van de Poppe recently said that Fantom, a competitor of Ethereum (ETH), might go as low as $0.33 before rising 50%. He added that the previous low back at $0.51 is turning into a resistance level and the block around $0.48 will give a massive bounce. He also said that if they don’t get it, then they are looking at levels like $0.38 and $0.33 for either swing entries or buying the bounce in which they can generate a bounce of 50% again.

The Graph Price Prediction

Van de Poppe asserted that The Graph might increase in value up to 0$.21 if it surpasses 0$.17 levels once again. His first target is 0$.095 and his second target is 0$.13, saying that if this trade trigger happens at 0$.17, most likely they’ll have breakthroughs like 0$.185 followed by targets of 0$.20 to 0$.21 which gives 25% – 35% trades respectively .

Fetch Price Prediction

Van de Poppe believes that Fetch’s massive gain has probably peaked and it could enter a correction down to a low of 0$ .20 However, he added that if FET continues to be strong, it might advance all the way to 0$ .90 which was achieved on February 8th with 2023 highs of 0$ .59 with 527% rise from its 2022 closing price of  094$ . He concludes saying they could easily correct back towards 0$ .20 – 30 region and have buy-the-dip season there too .


Cardano Price Prediction 2023-2025: Will ADA Price Rebound?

Posted on 6. Februar 2023 in Allgemein

Overview of Cardano

• Cardano is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency project, designed to provide scalability and sustainability.
• The network is advancing to become the first peer-reviewed and highly scalable chain.
• The native token ADA price has been largely unaffected by the advancements of the network.

Cardano Price Prediction 2023 – 2025

• According to experts, Cardano’s native token ADA could reach a maximum price of $0.716 by the end of 2023.
• VOLTAIRE is expected to be the final stage for Cardano to become a self sustaining network, granting participants access to their stakes and voting rights which will influence future developments in the network.
• Experts believe that if ADA surges, it can attain an all-time high of $4 by 2030.

What Is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that was created with the goal of providing scalability and sustainability throughout its open source development process. It was launched in 2015 as an open source project developed by Charles Hoskinson, one of Ethereum’s co-founders, who wanted to create a more complete smart contract platform than Ethereum had managed up until then. Additionally, Cardano supports its own cryptocurrency called Ada (ADA), which can be used for payments or staking within the system itself.

Market Analysis

To understand better how ADA coin price may perform in 2023 – 2025, let’s look into both fundamental analysis and historical price sentiments from 2017 & 2021:

Fundamental Analysis:

Cardano’s team works on engineering solutions for scalability issues such as smart contracts and sidechains without compromising security or decentralization principles of blockchains. Additionally, they have implemented two protocols in their blockchain – Ouroboros PoS protocol & Plutus smart contract language – that make it possible for them to reach consensus quickly while maintaining low power consumption levels compared to other blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Lastly, they are constantly working on new features such as multi asset support and enhanced privacy options which will further increase usability & adoption rates in the near future.

Historical Price Sentiments 2017 – 2021:

In general terms, during this period we have seen an overall downward trend when it comes to prices for ADA coins with some brief spikes here & there mostly due to news releases about partnerships or technical updates from developers but overall prices have been quite volatile with no clear direction given yet . Despite this current situation though , experts still believe that there’s potential upside for this crypto asset if certain conditions are met , such as increased adoption rates , improved infrastructure , etc .

CoinPedia’s Cardano Price Prediction

CoinPedia suggests that ADA coin price could surge to a maximum of $0.716 by the end of 2023 while attaining $4 mark by 2030 with a potential high of $4.10 for the year 2025 – thanks partially due increasing investor confidence in crypto assets combined with continuous technological improvements made within Cardano’s ecosystem .


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